Campaign at Red Rock


So the characters continued onward into the Tower of Ice. They were soon ambushed by the towers ice guardians. After a long fight the source of the Blizzard was found in the a Gem on top of the tower. The guardian was defeated and the gem destroyed. The group headed back to the real world before the portal closed.

However, there was no rest to be had, as the caravan headed out the next morning. Just before the caravan made it to safety, the wood awoke and placed barriers in the way. Sgt. Rock again asked you to go forward and clear the way, and a close fight with a Dark Ent almost destroyed the party.

Having destroyed the monster, the caravan finally made it safely home…


So the players made it to Borderguard without incident through the Myrkwood. There was a large celebration and the players all met. Sheriff Eastwood asked the group to raid a problem “business” for him. The warehouse was raided and the shipment of Lotus pedals were destroyed and the thugs framed. Not everything went well as a hit squad tracked the group down and ambushed them on the street. The group let slip that they were woring for a Lord Prenderghast and he will take his revenge.

They group left the town and headed back through the Myrkwood when a blizzard started. Sgt. Rock, the caravan leader, asked you to track down the source of this frea blizzard. You travelled into the Feywild and found a tower…


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