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Scribed by Runemaster Jobek. 4th version

Greetings, Initiate. Welcome to the town of Red Rock. With its 400 year-old legacy, Red Rock is the center of academic and vocational study for the continent of Bellion. Nestled against its namesake mountain, the town’s urban area descends into a sprawling farming community. The tower of the Magic College glints at its peak. Spaced centrally between the Master Guilds, the city has the pleasure of providing food and supplies to all five of the major schools. Although a farming community at its core, Red Rock is unique as a melting pot of cultures and amenities. City-states across continents and realms send youths to be tutored in a choice of prestigious professions. Short distances, constant carriages, and cheap living make Red Rock a first choice residence for students.

SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMNET: The Festival of Flowers is upon us. Join us in the celebration and delights of spring. The three-day festival will feature events from all guilds, contests of skill, theatre performances, and a banquet of eats and trees.

THE GUILDS A short introduction to the Master Guilds surrounding Red Rock.


The oldest and most prestigious guild, the exterior of the College of Magic looks like a simple watchtower. Inside, thecorridors and floors of Magic wind on infinitely. The CoM teaches anyone who demonstrates budding magic ability. Over the centuries, its keepers have knowledge unrivaled the surrounding lands and, some suggest, other realms. In addition to patronage and scholarship, the college provides resources to anyone that needs assistance in things that a normal militia cannot handle. The term mercenary is dismissed in favor of ‘intra-national studies’. The CoM has close ties with the Earthen Council.

Grandmaster and Headmistress: Sora Oakenheart

Grandmaster Oakenheart is an Eladrin. She has been there as long as anyone knows. She mostly keeps to herself, and is only seen rarely. Her hair is silver and her age unknown.

Associate Dean, Director of Psionic Studies, and Head of Discipline: Rebecca Crystal

Head Crystal is a ‘female” shardmind. Psionic students defend tout her as a social teacher of excellent humor and unsurpassed instead. Everyone else, scholar and locals alike, receive expressionless, one-word answers . Some suggest the behavior to be an elaborate joke. A few say the associate’s she cannot contact the non psionic for longer than one word; the recipient would suffer injury.

As Master and associate dean, Crystal and Sora Oakenheart have been together as long as anyone can remember. The definition of ‘together’ is fun gossip among the students. Whispers and giggles fall permanently silent after a glance from the dean.


Rocks. Gems. Precious metals. The bending and sculpting of the earth’s . The School of Stone scours the Crimson Mountains Range for materials and showcases its work in the Red Caverns. Its reach continues to expand through the mountain range and below. The guild is willing to cooperate with any guild as long as they present a right price or appropriate challenge. With a rival philosophy of skill and artistry over profit (though profit is still important!), it is a rival of Goldtown.

Mining Foreman and Master Blacksmith Rorys ‘Rory’ Greystone

Words have never impressed the Mason Greystone. True communication with him is only reached through the pounding of a hammer, the precise sensitive scrape of a jewel-scalpel, and outside the mountains, the whoosh of an exe. He shares his secrets with select few apprentices who prove themselves in the mines. He has been known to discreetly aid to those who show uncommon valor.


The Earthen Council teaches how to survive, coexist peacefully, and fight alongside nature. It mainly oversees Its greater teachers lie deeper in the mists of Myrkwood. However, its Elder, Solus Flora is a recognized face (er, muzzle) in and around Red Rock and a popular voice in local affairs.

Master of Natre and Druid Acknowledged Elder: Solus Flora

Elder Flora, a Minotaur of middle age, newly appointed (1 year ago) to the position by the council. Although his appointment was at first met with , his hand-on methods of instruction have earned him the respect and loyalty of his students. Although a druid, he also holds the respect of the most seasoned rangers.


No need for fancy trappings: the Battleschool is named for exactly what it teaches.

Dean: Gerald White

Sir Gerald White led his troops to victory in the Dark Orc Wars. He has spent the last twelve years training the country’s finest fighters. His school has teachers in multiple martial disciplines.

is an older (60’s) Human male, who has held the position for 12 years. After decimation the barbarians of Nor in retribution for coastal attacks, White and many of his brigade retired from official officer duty to the school while still providing council to local lords. White has schooled a generation of the best knights and fighters. He has the thickest mustache in the continent of Bellion. A human male in his 60s, he is notoriously biased against dark elves.


The Seminary is officially the arm of the church which send and finances potential students in following the holy path. While the majority is dedicated to the worship of _, it also accepts the minority worship of other good-aligned gods. The Divine seminary works partners with the Battleschool with the training of Paladins.

Head Priest Samus ‘Sam’ Greystone He is a very old Dwarf priest of Ioun. Although not an “official” member of the nation’s religious council, by all appearances he is a full member. Sam sits on all the meetings and his opinion is valued by all.


At the center of academia in Bellion, Red Rock is a melting pot of culture for race and class. A forum for debate and ideas, the city provides a variety of entertainment and interaction. Students are asked not to antagonize the local population.

RESIDENCES In addition to numerous inns for visits, Red Rock has low-cost housing outside the city and apartments within. Dormitories take up a good

PUB ROW Feel like a drink? Pick your poison is the motto of The Apothecary and the town’s oldest pub. It is an actual apothecary by day and serves fermented concoctions by night. A weekend crawl around will take you’re through the Roaring Bard, great for live performances, Riphook, the deadliest drinks in town, The Torn Pages, a favorite spot for drunken wizardry. These are sample of drinking holes available in Red Rock’s liveliest corridor.

SHOPS The shops of Red Rock cater to all professions. A high demand of goods make it first come, first serve market. Availability of items a toss of the dice. Students are required to have permits from the school for upper-level merchandise.

REVELRY The farming and academic communities of Red Rock collaborate sever al times a year for seasonal festivals. Included in this is the Festival of Flowers, the Okctober Harvest (or Oktobervest), the Winter Solstice, and Punching Day.

GOVERNMENT Officially, government of Red Rock is elected and autonomous from the surrounding schools. However, it is not impervious to leanings from the academies. The College of Magic is said to have the great influence on decisions and proceedings.


MYRKWOOD This is a sylvan forest that is very dangerous to travel due to the number of monsters that live there. There is one road that leads back to the confederacy, but caravans only come 3 times a year due to the danger involved. The caravans are well protected by guards, but losses do occur.


The lightly wooded area before reaching the forest of Myrkwood. Most Elven Council trainings take place in its groves.


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