Red Rock


At the center of academia in Bellion, Red Rock is a melting pot of culture for race and class. A forum for debate and ideas, the city provides a variety of entertainment and interaction. Most of the population originates from outside the farming communities. Students are asked not to antagonize the local population.


In addition to numerous inns for visits, Red Rock has low-cost housing outside the city and apartments within. Plenty of dormitories are available for students. Many are sponsored by specific guilds or kingdoms.


Feel like a drink? Pick your poison is the motto of The Apothecary and the town’s oldest pub. It is an actual apothecary by day and serves fermented concoctions by night. A weekend crawl around will take you’re through the Roaring Bard, great for live performances, especially the Gnaw Gnaw Girls, the deadliest drinks in town, Torn Pages, a favorite spot for drunken wizardry.


The shops of Red Rock cater to all professions. A high demand of goods make it a first come, first serve market. Availability of items is a toss of the dice. Students are required to have permits from the schools for upper-level merchandise.


The farming and academic communities of Red Rock join for seasonal festivals. Included in these are the Festival of Flowers, the Oktober Harvest (or Oktobervest), the Winter Solstice, and Punching Day.


Officially, government of Red Rock is elected by permanent citizens and autonomous from the surrounding schools. Still, it is not impervious to outside pressure. The College of Magic is said to have the great influence on decisions and proceedings. The current mayor is dedicated to correcting this.

Red Rock

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